Dr. Sean Rice
B.A. (Hons), M.D., M.S.c., F.R.C.S.C.
1333 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 345
Toronto, Ontario M2J 1V1
Tel. (416) 391-4048
Toronto SmartLipo™


Dr. Rice is the first plastic cosmetic surgeon in Canada to offer SmartLipo™. Dr. Rice has also lectured on the technique and benefits of SmartLipo™ to other surgeons. SmartLipo™ differs from traditional liposuction in that the fat is easily melted by the laser. The laser also helps to coagulate small blood vessels, therefore resulting in decreased bruising. One of the most significant improvements over traditional liposuction is that SmartLipo™ will aid in tightening the loose skin, leaving the patient with an enhanced aesthetic result. Occasionally, SmartLipo™ can be used in areas such as the neck and knees as a way to tighten loose skin only.

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Dr. Sean Brian Rice, is highly regarded by his patients and colleagues for his ability to combine a high level of technical skill with artistic talent. The best plastic surgeons have vast medical knowledge and surgical expertise, but they also share a quality with sculptors and other artists: the ability to create beauty. Dr. Rice achieves attractive, natural-looking results that can do more than just redefine the contours of your body – he can also increase your confidence and self-esteem, giving you a more positive outlook on life. Continue>